150 years and yet
unity's gone unelapsed.
150 years yet still
his birthright is proven.
He is enveloped in darkness,
forever his destiny.
Sporadical flickers of light,
Lincoln, King, Mandela, Parks,
Outstretched fingers doomed.
150 years today
whipped, enslaved, still unchanged.
150 years of hate
murder, rape, negation affirmed.
He is swaying from the sapling.
He is penetrated publically on the boulevard.
150 years of uncontested verdicts.
Your magistrates' civil liberty long-established.
150 years denoting habitual bigotry.
Are we incapable of unity?
Are we incapable of equality?
Are we incapable of acceptance?
Are we incapable of permeating change?
Are we?

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