Twenty Reasons to Fast

1. to purify and cleanse the spirit, soul and body.

2. To receive divine guidance and revelation.

3. To seek God's face and have a closer walk with Him.

4. To hear God better and to understand His will more fully.

5. To invite God's power to flow through you mightily.

6. To establish a position of spiritual strength and dominion.

7. To break any bondage on your life.

8. To receive clarity of mind.

9. To be freed from evil or debilitating thoughts.

10. To break through depression.

11. To weaken the power of the devil in your life.

12. To stabilize you when life seems out of control.

13,. To be strengthened in your body and soul.

14. To break the lusting of the flesh often anything.

15. To discover gifts God has placed in you.

16. To be released from heavy burdens.

17. To establish a clean heart and right spirit within you.

18. To be set free from negative emotions.

19. To find healing.

20. To gain strength for what you don't have the ability to do without God's help.

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This Poems Story

In the video below I share with all of you what I prefer to drink on my water fast:) Please note I do NOT promote fasting for extended periods and you should ALWAYS consult your physician prior to doing ANY cleanse:) Cleansing is a natural body process of eliminating toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands, and skin. During water fasting all the toxins in our body are expelled, creating an ideal environment for healing. This is responsible for a healthier skin, teeth and gums, better functioning of organs and even bones healing from injuries in half the time! During a water fast the damaged tissues and many illnesses are repaired thus leaving the body in the optimal state for growth. A sense of peace! A time to relax and go within! it is vitally important that you rest during a water fast. Undergoing exersize will only create stress on the body and will be counter productive. In order to heal one must se this time as a period of rest and rejuvenation! One on one time with God! Improvement of the skeletal & muscular systems Fasting induces anti-inflammatory actions on both the skeletal and muscular system. This in turn assists the bodies natural repair process from almost all pains, aches, arthritis in muscles and joints. Addictive behaviors especially surrounding food vanish! For most people not eating for a day is not a big challenge. This being said a planned fast will bring up more “stuff” from childhood than anything else! In order to “let go” we must remember that it is not aha we add into the diet in the way of supplements and food. It is what we leave out that clears the body of degree and clears the mind of confusion! This makes the difference! More energy! Think I’m lying? I’m not! As the great Gil Jacobs said to me years ago “true health comes from removing the obstructions in the body, not from food”! Remember…the most taxing activity of the body, in terms of energy expenditure is the digestive process. During the water fasting the same energy is directed towards other activities leaving the body with more energy. An incredible sense of being MORE in tune with ones body In a fasting state, all the sensations of the body are increased! This in turn creates a deeper sense of awareness of the wonderful God creation of our body. I call this an ORGASMIC connection with sours and self! Increased Spiritual Connection As one fasts we are humbled. Everything is stripped away from us…even our food. Once we rid of the physical toxins our strongholds are brought to the surface. Our bodily toxins flush out and the emotional wounds come up and out. To better understand this you must understand that our emotional wounds are stored in the energetic system of the body. In other words “our issues live in our tissues”! Cleansing trough fasting creates a new space for emotional healing and for positive emotions to come in. By quieting the mind we are creating the emotional and mental environment for a deep spiritual connection.