In the twilight of his years,
With failing health, and growing fears,
He ponders life in the past,
Of natures gifts, of changes fast,
Of family, friends, and holidays,
Of journeys taken on gold pathways.
His thoughts stray to might have beens,
Some words unspoken, regrets, amends,
Of highways passed, each chance missed,
Where choice was made, where fate was kissed.
In fading light, he still can see,
The branches of his family tree.
With wife, kids, grandchildren now,
Seems just yesterday, their marriage vow.
Given dice to roll again,
Would he change what might have been?
Not a second, could he choose,
Would he change, or risk to lose,
Those precious moments in the past,
That fill his thoughts, locked in, cast.
For good and bad, right or wrong,
They defined his whole life's song.
That time is nigh matters not,
His life was earned, a heroes plot.
In the twilight of his fears,
His last few breathes, his last rest nears.

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