Twilights Hush

In twilight's hush, where shadows dance and play,
I sit alone, my heart in disarray.
Memories of joy, of laughter and delight,
Fill my mind, like fleeting light.

Once, we were inseparable, a bond so strong,
Our friendship like a song, that could not be wrong.
But now, you're gone, and I am left to mourn,
My heart, a heavy burden, weighed down by sorrow.

The wind whispers secrets, of times past and gone,
Echoes of laughter, that once were our own.
I close my eyes, and let the memories flood,
A bittersweet nostalgia, that fills my blood.

In dreams, I see your smile, your sparkling eyes,
Your gentle touch, that used to light my skies.
But when I wake, the pain of loss is real,
A hollow ache, that I cannot conceal.

I search for you, in every passing face,
Hoping to find, a trace of your grace.
But you are gone, and I am left alone,
My heart, a fragile thing, now stone.

The world moves on, but I remain still,
Frozen in time, my sorrow's chill.
I wish that I could turn back the clock,
To when we were young, and our love was rock.

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    This Poems Story

    When my boyfriend was gone for a year.