Twinkle Twinkle Zodiac Star

Twinkle twinkle zodiac star,
how I wonder who you are.
Stars connect with astro lines,
End up forming the zodiac signs.

One through twelve they're all in order,
Each connects the opposites border.
Aries hits so hard you'll scram,
Taurus loves the heavy jams.

Gemini it's your lucky day,
Cancer chilling by the bay.
When Leo roars the world will hear,
Virgos hard work sheds no tear.

Libra struggles with hard decisions,
Scorpio owes all the provisions.
Sagittarius Are so hilarious,
Capricorns are instantaneous.

Aquarius hides away emotion,
While Pisces feelings are all in motion.
Now we know who you are
Twinkle twinkle zodiac star.

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