Twist Master Ink(C)

By MP   

Welcome to America

Money,cars and playing hoes

Turning out your flavel
With money cars
Playin hoes
Tougue kiss your naval
Hittin it raw dog
On the table
Chop this clay dough
It's time to roll
Playing with cut throats
Do what I say so
Just get the dough
Don't look back Capone
Leave the car running
Cigarette titled burning
Gat in hand
Tommy gunnin
After this
Will get some lovin
When this bread come in
Out bossing with made men
Addicted to fast cars and women
From rags to riches
Robbing stealin and killin
Bound to make a million
Nothing but a villain
With a need to rush the feeling
On the edge dealing
Is this my last day livin
Will some body see him
That been hit by the heathen
And the entourage believing
That's the only way of leaving
Is to die
And take somebody with them

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