There is a storm in my soul
There’s no beauty ever told
Hurtful memories never grow old
But forever young while time unfolds

All the things I won’t forget
That stained my heart with many regrets
Who to tell what the outcome may be
As I live others may see

Chaos buried deep within
I can feel these pebbles in my skin
Like the dead in their grave
Every anger expresses these rage

Crafty wicked conscience of greed
Upon my mind it seems to feed
I search the heavens for purity
And light

But the darkness of my soul has put up a terrible fight
War beneath the surface of my life
The black skirt of terror embrace me like a wife, Still we are not married
But for decade its her that I have been carried

Everything seems black and white
And all my actions never seems right
At times I furiously roar like a lion
And then in split seconds I vanish into oblivion

Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I sigh
Sometimes I smile
Like a little child

Too many things it seems I desire
Only a few things have me inspire
My soul went rogue and harness these horror
Craving all of today as if there’s no tomorrow
Tomorrow is pending with news to tell
Hope hand me this message that all will be well

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My mental focuses becomes paralyzed for all the things i desire