Two Faced

By JennB   

I could come at you hard—all brazen and bold.
Tell all the secrets you don't want told.
I could polish my halo—spout chapter and verse.
Leave you all wounded with scars to nurse.
I could ignore all your hate—pretend you aren't that way.
I could turn a blind eye to the mean things you say.
It doesn’t matter what I do, you’ll twist my words around.
I can fight and get angry, or not make a sound.
Let’s face it! You’ll say whatever it takes.
You hide the real you in public, acting so fake.
You play a good victim. What did you do?
Saying, “It isn’t fair how I treat you.”
People don’t see your dark, evil mind.
They don’t know how to deal with your hateful kind.
You’ll use me up, like you have others before.
Finally move on to find something more.
Just leave me alone, be on your way.
For you to move on, is all I can pray.

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This Poems Story

We all know that person who acts one way, then another, and always plays innocent even when they aren’t.