Everyday you change
You have two faces
One is light
Other is dark
I don’t know what you have become
Are you a monster
Are you an angel
You have broken my trust multiple times
But I still hope you will change

Each time I give you a chance
Your nice
Then comes the demon outside
From within you
I maintain distance
But you come again
And tear me apart
I don’t know what to do
I have become hollow
As you are two-faced

I’m afraid that
You will keep tearing me apart
Until you're satisfied

You must be happy
To call me dumb and stupid
You must be happy
To say things about me to others
You must be happy
To tell me I’m immature
That I am a little kid
That I don’t know things
But in reality
It’s you
Who I don’t get
I am your prey
Until the last piece of me is dead

What do you have against me
Why do you hate me
Why do you push me to the ground
You don’t see what your doing to me
You don’t see the affect
I am losing confidence
And I am becoming an
Isolated person
Because I don’t know who to trust anymore
I am dead
You must be so happy
You are two-faced
And will never change

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about me going through a hard time with a person for the last year. The things said in here are actually said to me by this person.