Two, ‘for one”

It takes two. Co-exsist! Us nonsense. For Animal-Law" We' humans we Already co exsist. We need to learn how morphe a word. Into a Thought in which it' speaks, Two become 'ONE by couse only' therefore" creation has only one act" Of Two for One. So then why we now retain a habit for disaster as if more clearer it cannot see Us" satisfactions of lazy to say that it takes measly a one now" for one". If two, made one.. "That one will grow believing that one is enought. And it should be a live lesson to show two' always stay two so that one learns to fight and commit. Become one with two.. Yes one is enought but two is better. God did not say here do wat u can.. He said here u can do anything i want.

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Rewinding evolution because of a bad habit