Two Lines

This world we live in is absurd
my only wish is to be heard
among billions, though my chances are slim
so I sit and wait with thoughts so dim
I see heartache around every bend
trust and this generation we cannot mend
I try to be happy, just to be free
but the cost, it seems, no one can see
The strongest seem to be the poor
though they rarely see an open door
the richest seem to have no skill
no peace of mind, no power of will
We have too little and want too much
and yet all this fades with the thought of your touch
I cannot imagine what I'll see
looking down at you, looking up at me
What you give me, I will never understand
but the cold heart of this world, I can withstand
because you are in me, and I in you
what you have given me, I have no clue
I pray I can give you the hope you'll need
to challenge life and always succeed
and I hope I can shield you from this earth
beautiful girl, I'll meet you on the day of your birth

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