Two Lives Without Names

Sitting on her bed.
Looking at scars on her arms.
She's the girl whose been abused.
Bloody, bruised, and self-harmed.
The tears start running down her face.
She can't help but fall apart.
Confined by the walls of her bedroom.
Locked in the prison inside of her heart.
Where she'll never escape.

Sitting in the corner.
Nobody knows his name.
He's the guy whose invisible.
Hurt, unloved, and ashamed.
He walks the halls alone.
Everyday is the same.
He always keeps his head down.
So in his eyes they won't see the pain.
But nobody cared anyway.

Sitting in the cemetary.
Staring at their graves.
They'Re the kids who killed themselves.
Dead, gone, hanged.
They walked through life silenced.
Went through this everyday.
One day it was too much.
Now in the ground they lay.
Two lives without names.

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