Two lovers

two lovers that were meant to be forever
are tired of living without each other
it is time for them to go their separate ways
and never have true love cross their path again

He sits there with his friends
laughing and having fun but
only to cover up the pain he feels
for loosing his “little piece of heaven”

she locks herself in her room
hiding from the world
so they can not see her pain
even tho she knows one will
look at her to hear her silent tears
for the lost of her “angel”

they both tried to make things work
but he did not truly believe in what they shared
and started thinking with his head and not his heart
so once again he had to leave her

yet she put everything in it
talking to clam his doughs and fears
told him everyday how she feels
and took him back every time he left
only to finally be broken
and altho her heart screams out his name
and she will always live with this pain
she knows that he will never be ready for her
so she will walk away and always regret
that he did not stay

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