Two loves

When a man loves two women, I ask myself "how could this be"
looking into dark clouds thinking "this could NEVER be me"
But the distancing and inconsistency drove me to notice things, that a woman of my stature should never conceive,
"this is beneath me" I said loudly,
I'm a QUEEN, a GODDESS, sitting high on vibrations, all of this dumb shit, I shouldn't have to take it.
Feeling bullied by my feeling wanting to give in,
but he is more than a lover he's also my friend,
So, I step back a moment to gather my thoughts, "captivated by his beauty" those big brown eyes piercing through me!!
This woman MUST be beautiful, inside and out, for her to hold a match to ME, causing my flame to go out, causing my man to doubt, "impossible" So I stepped in his shoes just to imagine, but he started showing me things my heart couldn't fathom, torn by two women wanting to leave them both
I felt the tears of heartbreak gather in my throat, to see his soul so damaged, unable to choose, "silly me" I chose for him giving MYSELF the blues,
"To my Young King" you'll always have my friendship, GO! be happy! I refuse to put you through shit,
I'm good, I'll be okay I'll get through this," heart ticking away like an explosive " as I watched my soulmate walk away with his earthly love, "how bogus!" Half of my heart shattered into a million pieces, as he looked back at me unsure of what he has done, wondering How could he do this!
Go on my love, be happy, I refuse to put you through shit, I'm good, I'll be okay, I'll get through this,
Never able to give my heart to another, half shattered, "but first decayed" the other half he kept the day he walked away......

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This Poems Story

This poem is from the women\'s vision, how she loves him unconditionally despite the fact that he chose the another woman.