Two Means to an End

A man walks a path.
He chooses his pace.
He chooses of which his attention may be diverted upon.
There are two parallel sides that split this singular path.
There is the paved road, illuminated by man-made torches,
And then there is the jungle.
The jungle is moonlit.
Thus, one may only see where they are in that very moment.
The jungle is unpredictable but fortified with life.
All walk this same, yet divided, path.
At the very end of this path, there lies a fence--
A flimsy, yet sturdy fence which reads, "The End."
However, beyond this fence is more, endless jungle.
Moonlight and man-made torches may only but touch this fence.
A beautiful shroud of angel breath mist lies ahead.
Only may breath surpass and venture beyond the fence,
Just as it should be,
Just as it always has been, and always will be.
There is no path that may lead around this fence.
One may sit around, waiting for the fence to open,
Or one may explore the jungle and its eternal beauty.
No torches may taint this jungle.
Flame will only push the jungle further from he who holds the torch.
Forever will this path be walked.

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