Two Men Smoking

It was a typical summer day
Hot and muggy and slow
There they were
Sucking on cigarettes behind the loading dock
These two men had their sleeves rolled up
Thinking that would cool them
There was no fresh air or shade
Circling their bodies
They talked about the weather, of course
"Is it supposed to be hot like this tomorrow?"
"Don't know, hope not; I'd rather have rabies than this heat."
And the one man coughed and laughed at the same time
"Jesus, I always thought this place was like hell."
Both had a good snicker
That precious air-conditioning kept the workers in
Some women in cardigan sweaters complained about the cold
You can't win
It's either a blast of frigid air or the shirt-sticking July
I sit stoically in my pod
Carefully listening to the gossip around me
Not even the heat stops that
I lean over to turn on the heater under my desk
How I love the summer

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