Two Minutes About a Girl

Being with him was like a fresh strawberry
picked straight from the runner
Tangy and tart and deliciously juicy
but not nearly as SWeet as a pink lollipop
just to make me think it's real
Because being with you - is that sticky sweet candy
You're bad for my teeth
but you taste so much better than the real thing
I can't get enough one sucker after another,
But I'm the sucker -
your artificial sweetness has me begging on my knees
But you give me cavities
The real life love is better for my health
but Red Dye #40 is all I think about
You fit in my mouth better than any of the seasonal fruits ever could
But I'm drowning in strawberry flavored syrup
I think it's time to go organic
Or maybe mix you with some vodka
and get drunk off the taste
Cause his fruit will never taste as heavenly as your strawberry fake

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