Two Nations

This nations an abomination
We used to live right under obamas nation.
Looking left and then looking right
neighbors becoming our enemies.
The rise of technology
it's creating a rise in mysogny.
Are we in reverse or are we in the future
that's an open question, just like the border.
The border between right and wrong
teaching children how to code but not how to love.
Is adultery right or is it wrong?
All I see are people doing wrong
the police doing routine checks
on children who don't seem to dress to impress.
Should I stay in line or should I just line up.
The radio playing the same songs
Voicing their opinion of whos right and wrong,
police brutality, seen through my eyes.
I just don't seem to understand why.
What's the message, I don't seem to get it
what's the mission
Can we listen, Can we get along
Can we just sing songs.
Music is the soul of our survival
is it history or his story.
What about her story.

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