Two Saturdays Ago

I'm 24.
Foreign forearm around my waist,
my back is to him.
How much do I need to suck it in/can he feel me holding my breath?
Wondering what it feels like to want to have morning sex.
"You're going to have to leave early."
"How early?"
This forearm around my waist,
my back against him.
Are we sweating on each other? I'm stuck to him.
Sudden adjustment further away.
Not so drunk for regretful actions
when he took it upon himself in the dark-
took off all of his clothes,
"Actually, can we not? Yeah, don't want to."
Sleep came, we didn't.
Morning and his arm around my waist,
facing him, turn back over, hair in the face,
back to him.
Morning light outside my 3rd floor window,
kids are playing basketball.
This has become one of my favorite sounds.
He left, I didn't walk him out.
The door would be unlocked now.
I didn't care about this, about him, prior actions, the dark.
I'll miss the sounds of kids playing basketball,
the ball bouncing, the yelling.
I laid there and thought.

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