Two Serpents

Not said once you thought goodbye,
to which I figured his ocean's dried.
"No more echoes" lest I sighed,
I asked myself with what man I've vied?

For every time he sought demise
there I stood not pacified
while rocks and needles played alibi,
as he silently sat a soul cut-dry.

Black eyes in satin skies,
the soaring sirens caught our lies,
swarming 'round like flesh flies
as I became a victim's guise.

Satin skies and stained snake eyes
my lust for him was a fabricated lie.
The mirror brakes as I equalize,
the things we've done have paralyzed.

And so this ode from the man who died
reveals the boy whose wolves did cry,
imparted bond now torn apart
disturbed in matter by serpent hearts.

But all I wanted was to help--
help those black eyes roll towards your torted scalp,
watch them watch me upon an ice shelf
It was through you I saw my darkest self.

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