Two Sides of the Earth

Earth is green, Earth is blue
Wolves howl, cows moo
Rocks, dirt, grass, and trees
The beauty will make you fall to your knees

Sunny days and starry nights
Earth is full of divine sights
Seasons change, warm and cold
The Earth wouldn’t be hurt if we did what we were told

The sky is massive
The clouds are passive
The wind swirls
The rain looks like little blue pearls!

Flowers bloom, leaves grow
Every bit of the beautiful water flows
Some people spend every dime
In order to save this sacred place all the time

But others chose to pollute this planet
These people act like wild bandits
They dump all the old
Then everything starts to mold

We have to protect it no matter the cost
If we don’t, all will be lost
It’s not too late to clean up our mess
But to do that, we first must confess

We’ve messed up this earth with trash and with litter
We can still fix our mistakes so please don’t be bitter
I hope now you realize that we can’t let Earth crumble
We can still clean it up since we’ve only had a stumble

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