Two Truths Intertwined

What is my worth? and am i truly living or existing?
Existing does not define living
and living never interchanges existing.
They hold separate truths. But which one am i?
merely a piece of matter to walk the earth all the days of my life?
or a meaningful creation that someone. anyone.
evidently cannot live without?.
Still with my questions remaining unanswered my patience grows thin
and i am not able to bare the cold driven
by the hearts of those that
possess unreasonable hatred,
eyes burn into my soul and my pride remains wounded.
I begged for my weakness to be healed,
i was provided with a temporary fulfillment
all until the beautiful turned ugly
and the darkness wiped out the sunset.
I hear the chatter but i do not involve myself with it,
i see the love yet i do not engage in it.
yes i am merely existing, my heart beats,
blood runs through my veins,
yet i am lifeless in every sense of the word, DOES LIFE WANT ME?.
AM I REJECTING LIFE?. My head spins. I can't take the heartache.
I'll walk this life alone. Nobody will notice.
For i do not belong to life itself.

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