Two Words

To sum up, what I hate, two words would do great,
Winter's night,
Cold dark & dreary,
Silent & not cheery,
Absent of all life with people all in strife,
To sum up, all I love is what I'm in quest of,
Two words that bear meaning,
Here are some words that I'm leaning towards,
A cloudless night,
Where all the stars are shining and enlightening,
A summer's day,
Where the sun is out, everyone out and about,
Warmth encloses me and hugs me tightly,
A bird's song,
Singing and soaring the sky all day long,
Listen to the proud bird's song & feel forever young,
And while summer can't bring me joy forever,
You are my summer days all put together,
You are my warmth and sun always bringing me fun,
You are mysterious yet true and honest with me too,
but a bird like me can be only one thing, free,
Yet I'll alway yearn to come back always and forever,
As I lack such beautiful days without you,
Eternal warmth and glistening water waves is nothing,
compared to your beautiful rays
Of sun that touch my soul.

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