Two Years Gone and Wasted

Two years gone and wasted, two years I can never get back
Oh how I wish I could erase it, I wish I could change it

You left me like a broken fool
I once thought so highly of you
I was so naive and hung on your every word
Now you're just a memory, one of regret that haunts me
And a bunch of lies I wish I never heard

The memory of wasted time
The memory of sleepless nights and anxiety
The racing mind, the anticipation
Of maybe just one touch or just one look
That's how you kept me hooked

I craved and yearned for what I knew was not there
You led me on and made me believe you cared
You made me feel special with that smile
With that charm and seeming kindness

Deep down it's just a game and you're the player
A self-proclaimed chameleon who's just a mess
You claim you're something that you're not
It's all a facade, no more no less

I sit thinking of two years gone and wasted
The mistakes I made and how I should have faced it
You, my weak link, the one to bring me down
Two years gone and wasted, won't be my fate next time around

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