Tyler's First Steps

His first steps
The roundest little face and the bluest green eyes
As big as quarters ready to jump off his face
The sweet mouth all pink and wet
Poised in the largest "O" a little mouth could make
And those arms, those little arms, going in different directions
Waving for the world to "See me! See me!"
From the "O" of his mouth we hear squealing, giggling
All kinds of excited and happy sounds
"It's time" he must think and there he goes
One little boy foot in front of the other
Oh-h-h-h, he's weaving, getting ready to plunk,
And Mala moves in with her arms outstretched,
Eyes open wide, her mouth too in the biggest "O" ever!
He aims for the security of those arms he knows well
The ones that encircle him and lift him high in the air
Squeals and giggles from both mouths like "O's"
Until they fall over together laughing and laughing
So safe on the floor
"Wanna do it again?"

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