Type of Love

As I look around and see all the love around me,
The look he gives you when your not looking,
Almost like he can see through your soul,
Thats the type of love I'm curious about
Thats the type of love that you can't describe,
The type of love that you can't hide
The real love that mary j blige sings about
The real love I can only dream about
Saying to myself I want that love some day
And dreaming about that one guy who will take my breath away
And then I open my eyes,
To see that there is no such thing as a love
That will make you do crazy things
A love that is so deep that you can't imagine life without them
A love so deep that makes you so crazy about them
Is this what love is,
Do love suppose to hurt,
Or heal the pain in your heart from yesterday
Or bring you pain tomorrow
The moment you feel you will never know that type of love
Scared to open a page in your heart
Because only then will love present itself
And will no longer be fiction
Is love apart of life is love really winning?

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