Typically British

I don't usually complain,
But I'm fed up with this flipping rain,
I don't normally fuss and fret,
But I can't go out, it's far too wet.

It's not like me to moan and groan,
But now it's started to hailstone,
This weather is a total bummer,
I doubt we'll ever get a summer.

I'm not a grumpy person,
Don't ever let it be said,
But I'm so down in the dumps,
I'm off to my bed...

Well, would you believe it,
What a beautiful morn,
It's on days like this,
I'm glad I've been born.

I can't wait to get outside,
And soak up all the sun,
I've got the day to myself,
The housework is all done.

By, it's getting very warm,
And you know I'm not picky,
Yet I really must say,
I'm becoming rather sticky.

It's so unlike me,
Because I've never fussed before,
But I think I've caught the sun,
And I'm feeling slightly sore.

This heat is unbearable,
Though I'm not one too grizzle,
It doesn't seem normal,
To lie here and sizzle.

Why does it have to be so hot?
I don't think I can win,
I'm not miserable, just British,
Sod this, I'm going in!

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