She was unfamiliar with the neighborhood and tried to turn around,
but when she saw me at the intersection of her intended U-turn,
she swerved ever so slightly to stay on the main road.

She was someone I met the night before.
I recognized her right away, but she didn't recognize me.
She saw my car and didn't want to tread on a quiet, dead end
residential street that she didn't belong on.
She would have felt conspicuous, sticking out
as one who is a stranger and whose reason for being
on the sleepy street was shady, even if only because she was lost.

When I turned onto the main thoroughfare
I saw her choose her next available left turn with confidence
and make the U-turn she skittered away from at my street.
She drove with an upright posture, her hands at 10 and 2,
her pretty face made a touch glamorous by large sunglasses.

She maneuvered her silver, four-door Volvo with light determination.
This vehicle safely delivers her
to all her destinations and today's destination was clear.
Only a minor overshot corrected by checking her first impulse
at a U-turn. The successful U-turn gets her back on track,
the sunny day matching the clarity of her mind
about the destination of her Volvo.

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