Too many blackheads,
Not enough blush.
Acne everywhere,
It's a mush.
"Beauty spot?"
It's a mole at the wrong place
My face would've been better off
Without it's perpetual trace.
Hair's always greasy
It's an un-combed mess
Damaged more by handling
Further shaken up by stress.
Eyes not anime enough
Eyebrows too blunt
Neck too long
Collarbone too prominent
Waist not curvy enough
Hands too thin
You'll instantly be repelled,
Especially if you see me grin.
Teeth too yellow
Voice stings like a bumblebee's hum
Lips too puffy
And oh, that asymmetric bum.
Chest too flat?
Legs too hairy,
Everyone "nose"
I'm no fairy.
The mirror is no liar,
Tears apart my vulnerable façade,
Yet somehow
It prompts me to cover my scars.

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This Poems Story

I guess I've tried to capture what goes in the mind of a person who has an eating disorder when he or she looks in the mirror. P.S. the illustration is made by me too.