Ugly Truths and Blackened Words

Ugly truths and blackened words
Cut true to the core-
Surer then any knives or swords,
Often leaving the soul wounded and sore.
However, these dark things must be told;
If not, they fester and rot
Until they build, bottle and explode
Into conversations rash and hot.
But how to say the ugly truth, I do not know
Without igniting sadness, rage, or fight.
How to stay your emotions to be cool as snow,
To win a battle not won by might?
Who truly wins? I wonder.
The answer is simply none,
When the soul is cut asunder.
The solution- there is only one.
To face the ugly words, to try and understand,
To wipe away your feelings-so you may better hear.
To listen until other's words are at an end,
To approach the words with a mind clean and clear.
Though this is not terrible, you know,
These arguments we go through sharing;
How else does a relationship grow,
If not through understanding and caring?

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