I am a rich golden field under a sapphire sky
Crying my tears when the soil-heart is dry.
A wild mustang rather dead than be tied;
Losing my head on a frightening ride.
You are my neighbor, my friend I can trust.
While you're hiding your secrets, burying lust.
You are my family, my brother in blood.
A two-headed eagle following scud.
I am a piece of a puzzle you seek to regain
To climb up the ladder to your "rightful" reign.
I'm someone while lost trusted you'd give me aid
And not use my weakness to consume me in raid.
You are a pitiful fool in a costume of king,
A bird wanting flight cutting off its own wing.
Someone who's selling a friendship for land
Once again crushing what took years to mend.
I am my freedom. I am my peace.
Something you're craving to forcefully cease.
You are a bullet that takes away lives.
I am a dolphin making its dives.
You are a gun while I am the sea.
You are so blind... Trust me, I'll make you see!
I am the people who fight for themselves.
You are a child throwing toys from the shelves.
You are a tyrant who only wants more.
I am a country united in war.

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