Ulan and Poteen

Cavalieria Gabriello be up yonder forest
By a Ulemantra of Bakers and old Brewmysters
Beau Ulan does meander the path set before
He shoulders a psalterion Q-tar like a spur
High on his Ubermensch a wide brim does shade
Near a Botryoidal of musical harmony cures

Virelay Poteen does grace-covered ground
Adding swirl to sway, arise the applause
Sings of little Greeks and smaller Romans
Like a potion myst from old Potiche Vase
The last of her first be better than most
Her eyes say to Ulan's heart not to know loss

With sensual rolls and sweet berry pies
Let's harness the Broughams and travel anew
Beyond Uchean trails and High Yuchi stones
We share our sweet secrets to all avenues
Backstep if we must to see better the future
And people in need to select and choose

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