Un-kiss Me

Pretend,Pretend like your taste buds have never been seasoned
With the ambrosia of my affections.
Forget you ever absorbed my fluids between your fingers.
Never recall the moment I loved you.
No matter what,do not recall my aroma in your age of old;
Just let the wind blow and forget our memories. Un-Kiss Me
Remove me from your illusion's captivated deception.
Just let these clouds be...
Stop trying to advertise me the dream you never believed in
And the one you never had.
Stop sabotaging my nightmares.
Please, just let me enjoy my fears without you.
Let me provoke my own silence in this noise,
Let me embrace my boogie man.
Un-Kiss Me
Pretend you never knew me as vulnerable.
Purge me abstract from your words you often used as weapons
They were sharper than knives that left me brittle;
Yet those very lips that bare those arms I touched delicately
I have been bruised abundantly.
Your embrace was never like bandage
More so you held me like your hostage.
I was a captive to your hearts prison.
I have taken my freedom
So, un-kiss me and pretend I was never your after.

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