Maybe my influence is a little too powerful
to test the loyalty of the weak.
Strategically I think, a conqueror I will be
I will not eat with those
Imposed by the beast
See, loyalty my friend, is a treat
And the game I put you in, only with loyalty can you beat
So, weep
Hypothetically seeking but logically speaking, wait..
. Maybe I'm being too deep
Deep as the shallowness that devour your soul. Speak
From the minds of the most high, to sort out the weak
Exposing the un-loyal as it seeps
Stealing it's way into the heart of the good. Cheap.
Not worthy of paying the price, just imitating the sheep
Sad, I am. Drugged, you are, with society-ness. Sleep
My un-awakened friend, imposed by the beast
Contaminating, with your un-loyal heartless beat
Slaughter my friend, no room for the weak
Now to sit down at my table filled with empty seats
Satisfied with the slaughtered filthiness, alone I shall

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