I am careless.
I drift endlessly through my sleepless life.
Nights pass by where i feel empty, unaccepted.
I hear the unhappy remarks toward my choices.
Time to hear my heart instead of your voices.
Sometimes being unaccepted makes me
other days being an oddball can break me
Tonight I contemplate what acceptance is
and why so many strive to be that boring.
People love to be a part of something, feel
included even. BUt for me being unaccepted
is really all I need. I know i don't fit in society's
perfect box. I don't conform to everyone's ideas.
that is because i am not everyone. I am me.
I am unaccepted, i am imperfect in a world where
perfection means everything. I am unaccepted but i
am also unique, and individual. I am free to be whoever
i choose to be. I am unacceptable and that is fine with me.

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