Unanswered Questions

Living on this Boulevard.
The struggle to survive off minimum wage is hard.
To prioritize the assembly of lies.
To patent an idea & prototype it exactly.
To be rich & successfully a dream of a vision practically.
Take my picture.
Am image maintain.
An existence retained.
An experience arranged.
A desire deranged.
So I can document & record my figure.
Do you ever wonder why you can't have my #?
Care bests are always there.
Frost bitten paws frozen & unthawed.
Misunderstood thoughts forgotten & retaught.
Sapphire skies over the horizon.
Every fiber of my being.
Again my mind in overthinking.
These stone walls are solid.
Thinking of others & babies without mothers.
Subsides but does not last.

Pride smiles while envy laughs.
Creatures if habit adapt.
Lipstick lesbians on the back of butch dykes a Harley bike.
Fully clothed I am at the beach you loathe.
Mysterious & delirious.

© Harmony Sapphire .All rights reserved

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