My thoughts are as loose as whipped cream
My tears flow in an everflowing stream
I’m torn, every day i awaken to find myself crudely seamed
I feel as though i must do a right, a deed
I need a sign, anything, maybe a sunbeam
Waking up everyday, being forced to swim upstream
Peoples feelings for me, are as artificial as ice cream
People can’t describe me but for her i can write reams
I’m a joke, ever-fading and as dead as memes
I keep calm, for people wouldn't listen even if i was to scream
I slowly crumble, fade away, and corrupt just as a regime
Peoples gray, mundane thoughts make me look extreme
I get rubbed away as time goes on, my only wish is to gleam
Im common, outgrown, and as replaceable as jeans
I need to feel alive, perhaps i’ll stab my spleen
My individuality is worth nothing, as disposable as a bean
When I say, what I feel I must, im told im making a scene
But alas, what would I know, i’m just another troubled teen

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