Unattainable Dream

I was sitting on a river’s bank,
watching the water flow,
Throwing pebbles in the brook,
with no place I had to go.
With each pebble, I made a wish,
that no one would ever know.
A hope, a dream, a promise with each
stone that I would throw.

My mother always told me that my
wishes would come true.
That I could be whomever I wished,
and my dreams I could pursue,
That my hopes, my dreams, my promises,
were all just things to do
and that as I walked through my life,
my limits would be few.

As I sat along the river’s bank,
staring at the opposite shore,
I blinked in awe at the sight I saw;
a boy I’d seen before.
He was a hope, a dream, a promise
that I’d tossed pebbles for.
This perfectly poised prince charming
was a wish that I adored.

Across the churning blue waters, the
boy smiled right at me.
This simple act of kindness
filled my heart with glee,
so, I smiled back and waved
hello with curiosity.
My hope, my dream, my promise,
was just across this sea.

I returned to the bank everyday,
just to see the boy.
We threw pebbles to each other, across the
water, rather coy.
Everytime he grinned at me, my soul
would fill with joy.
I was a child on Christmas morning,
and he was my new toy.

This hope, this dream,this promise,
I wished would be my life.
For I was in love with the boy
and I planned to be his wife.
I wished, I prayed, I yearned for our
eternity, free of strife,
to wish, to pray, to yearn,
in our kingdom of unite.

The next sunrise, I bounded to the river,
flecked with gold.
I brought myself to the brook’s edge,
my hope, I had to hold.
I smiled at the boy, with love,
and into the river I strolled.
My hope, my dream, my promise, protecting
me from the water’s cold.

As the current pulled me further out,
I soon began to scream.
The water climbed over my head,
and hopeless it all seemed.
My hopes, my dreams, my promises,
were now but useless daydreams,
for without a plan, I drowned,
in an unattainable dream.

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This Poems Story

Often in today's society, children are told that they can accomplish anything. Unfortunately, when telling this to children, adults frequently forget to teach them that "anything is possible", only when you create plausible plans and goals and work diligently. This poem portrays the story of a young girl who dreams big, yet was never taught the importance of planning ahead, and sadly, suffers the consequences.