Unavoidably Us

I've replayed that kiss we had,
A thousand times in my head,
Just wish I could go back,
Why did everything have to screw up?
Why can't it all be simple?
Why can't you just be happy with me in your arms,
no complication, no expectations.

You were free,
You were exciting,
You gave me hope, butterfly's,

But in a heart beat you was torn away.
Leaving me empty,
Leaving me yearning,
For the life I'd only imagined,
In those short few moments.

Maybe you'll find the courage,
If it's meant to be, You'll find a way to me.
Maybe not now, maybe not yet.
But hopefully when the timing is right,
You'll be happy with me in your arms, forever more.

Because for us, we always find a way back to each other,
Whether it's friendship or more,
It'll always be us, Ethan.

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