Nothing will brake me not even the worst pain,
No threat,no lie,no punctured eye nor their sellfish greedy gain,
I will remain steadfast,
Theyve taken my freedom my title with power has been left in the past,
Alone at last ive been left with two choices,
Believe i have purpose or start hearing voices,
Some men will brake and lose sight of whats important,
Betray theyre own people with treason turn informants,
Some men will stand through all of adversity,
Simply accept it becouse this is how its suppose to be,
Some men will serve as examples to the rest,
Others will prove to fold under any test,
Never the less we can decide,
How much to endure or simply run and hide,
I will collide with any challenge brought on me,
Not for respect but simply for my familly,
They count on me they view me as the strongest,
The thought of being broken is whats driven me the longest,
Im honest dont need to prove to be,
Adversity is pending but there is nothing that is breaking me,
Its making me the man my family needs,
They will never see me break so i stand along these words u read,
I can bleed slowly start to lose the fight,
But the thought of my people on their own will be the light ,
Just the thouht of all who seems to count on me, disapointed if they see me gives me strentgh to be all that i can be,
Reminding me every hardships bearable,
Family is the reason i will remain unbreakable.

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Ive been through alot in my 28 yrs of age....found myself in prison... being shot and betrayed. I almost gave up and wanted to run away and hide but i thought of my family and faced all of my problems. In the end im still here for the love i have for them and they are the reason i will fight with pried until the very end. When i die it wasnt that i broke it was simply just the time for them to learn and live all on their own.