unbreakable bonds

You say that he stole me
you can't steal something that's yours
you see i am the justice
kicking down all your doors
but i come in a way
that you all least expected
i come with kindness and truth
so you know heaven sent it
i was abused and ignored
i was beaten, rejected
i was battered and bruised
i was hurt and neglected
my head so filled with lies
that it blinded my vision
it is clear i was stolen
but not by him no he didn't
we share a bond
that could never be broken
though i could not hear his voice
through those drugs i was smoking
but now i am sober, i'm reborn
i am clean
and i'm one bad ass chick
i'm a lyrical machine
karma is me and i take many forms
but justice has been my mission
since the day i was born

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