Unbroken Temper

Bubbling, boiling a simmer comes to a full boil.
Skin crawling and tingling all over screaming with heat.
Muscles tighten tense like a wave up to the top of my head.
Mind racing from past to present measuring all wrongs.

Frustration, friction and irritation unrelenting.
A body screaming inside for release of energy built up.
Can't breathe, can't think how to handle myself.
One more word is a needle to a balloon.

Instinct takes over and control is surrendered.
Silence and hearts may just be broken.
The screams from within could not be contained.
Selfish needs for release were not restrained.

Instant failure is realized so deep from within.
Security system activated to blame those who are wounded.
Unclaimed responsibility for the actions chosen.
A small death inside would occur if defeat is admitted.

This is not the first attack made on my behalf.
Overstimulation, desire for quiet, spoiled enjoyment,
Misbehavior, disobedience, stealing, and hurt feelings.
All misplaced justification or excuses for behaviors in the past.

My heart aches and cries out for help.
I hurt unrightfully and huge salty tears roll over my cheeks.
Whispers of love from my Father surrounds me with peace.
Calm subsides the storm and it is time to rebuild on the Rock.

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