Unbroken Truth

I have been living for so many years
And I still can't find my world
I want to shine like star in the sky
I don't want to be a stranger
I want to be loved by everyone
I'm writing on a piece of paper
But will it even work
I'm not so sure about the future
But I know that sometimes people lost them way
I hate fights and trouble
I want to live in peace
So many questions to answer
But is there a real answer
I'm not so sure
Trying to hate is bad
But I wish I can try to find my true soul
I'm writing without knowing
Who will read my poem or feelings
I just want to light my world
Because I think it's so dark
I believe I'm unique for who I am
But I will never know what people think
I had been surrender by questions
And I can't find the answer or the truth
I want to open up my eyes and heart
But I still stuck on the ground
Get a feeling that it will never end
Unless we give. It up some more hopes
I should prey for the day I see the happiness
The happiness that full the world and it will show me the truth

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