Alone in my room, I sit on a chair.
The minutes go by and I'm on despair.
Wondering why? this life is not fair.
My life is so broken, in need of repair
I'm getting so stressed, I'm losing my hair
The struggles are choking me, give me some air.
My vision gets blurry, my judgment impaired
I'm looking for someone to show me they care.
But no one is willing to dare.
I’m losing my life, while everyone stares
And no one is willing to share,
a little of air.
People are so selfish, I swear!
They stand next to me and try to compare
The life that I'm living and what do I wear
I am what I do, not what you declare
Give me some space I need to prepare.
Step on the fallen, you know it's not fair.
You don't know my story or what do I bear.
Because the only thing you can go by, is my Outerwear.

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