maybe I just need to breathe,
maybe things will go smoother,

maybe I was just upset that life wouldn't let me pass through with some ease.

or maybe I should just learn to wear a jacket when it's cooler.

maybe I'm just trying to prove something,
maybe I don't want to lose something,
maybe that's why I always feel like I need do something,

maybe that's why I'm almost restless and maybe that's why they think I have some kind of deathwish,

or maybe it's because I decided to cross things off me checklist, my life has felt so lucid or something,

more true shit coming...

maybe I just need to think of something better than getting cheddar from companies who try to sell umbrellas by making all of this rainy weather,

maybe I should just go back to rocking my leather...

maybe I just wish a fairy would come and hit my wallet with a little stardust,

maybe I just need to go harder, be my own self starter,

I know I could do it, I know I could lose it,
but to me it's more than just music, just get up and prove it, before you end up believing your excuses,

man, maybe I'm just anti-social,
maybe I just want one woman I could give my love to,
maybe I should be a little less picky about get who I get close to,

or shit maybe I'm doing what I'm supposed to,

maybe I'm doing just fine, I'm on my way, Im stacking my pay,

writing my rhymes, never got time,
in my lane, trying to make sure the world remembers my name,

maybe I should just cover my ears, ignore my peers, explore my fears, and pay attention to the messages that are only for my ears,

maybe I'm just afraid to sink again, I used to close my eyes and wish it all would just disappear when the blinking ends,

but if you think a couple of scars and some faults is enough to stop or slow me down then

Maybe you should think again...

I got promises to keep,
deadlines to meet
headlines to reach,
self investments should never be cheap,

maybe I should ease off the pressure,
maybe I should do it for the pleasure,

maybe should put forth more effort,
maybe it's time to put a new book on my dresser,

maybe life wouldn't be such a bitch if I learned how to dress her...


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