So precious, so perfect
But only for a single moment
I couldn't see it
Before I knew it
There was nothing left to salvage
How did it get this way so fast?
It was just in the palm of our hands
How did we fall so far?

Anxiety is telling me, "Its the game, and all it's players."
It's depression screaming, "It's not worth anything at all."
It makes us seem so small
My mind is slowly numbing
The blood, it's dripping and dropping
Is this all that we are?
Are we worth only as much as our scars?

It seems so clear to them
To everyone we meet
Trembling hands, wrecked bodies
They just don't seem understand
The words only fueled the fire
Weapons of our own demise
Disease was only a trigger
But what killed us were our own knives

Going around in circles
Hoping to find our ways
What lies beyond these
Beyond the metal cage
Who are we without the sickness
When it got us all this way
It's a gamble on our lives
That we can't help but take
But all the uncertainties
It makes us want to stay
And the pain we love (just a little too much)
Helps us dig our graves

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