The clock pushes forward but leaves my life behind

The uncertainty of it all with no clue or sign

Standing in limbo will I stay or will I go I'm not feeling so fine

Unsure of what's the truth and what's a lie

One thing that's sure is one day I'm going to die

Before that day come to pass

I would like to see my life clear like looking through a pane of glass

The stories told to me over the years

Pulling at the heartstrings so hard to differentiate

Are these thoughts wholesome or do they just masturbate

The sinking uncertainty of life fills me with great fear not known before

Will I ever be told the truth will I ever know what's the score?

My life so horrifying my brain a mess like being eaten by a cerebral bore

People often say the truth is too hard to bear

But tell me the truth the matter what the outcome I don't care

The truth is the one thing we can never count on in life

The pain of this existence uncertain of what life will bring

With all the trials and tribulations I see the devil laugh and sing

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