Dearest love,
let me tell you a story.
there is a period in time where the clocks stop and time stands still
the waters hush and crickets do not chirp
the birds have no song to sing and tree branches only watch
this time is but for a moment. a moment of nonsensical things.
and yet, its all but too real
hell does indeed freeze and the heavens do part
demons whisper and our angels envy it
lyrics to songs strive to catch their breath
and written words become hazy in their binds of books
what is this moment? this chaotic bliss? this tale of the times
it is mercy on a soul, it is the rotation of the stars around our sun
its the cause of the comfort for an unerupted volcano. it eases its anger and silences it
its the roar of peoples pain and bliss all at once, and the dance to the wordless song that sings loudly and lovely
Dearest love,
the answer to my poetic riddle is you. your loving embrace towards me.
the way my cheeks hurt after spending five minutes with you
the way my heart feels after a smile towards me
the way my body feels after you have touched me with yours
it is an unfair and undeserving moment. yet it is mine. and for some reason i am worthy of it.
the world knows not what to do in these moments. its chaos and its perfection.
and im better for it.
thank you for loving me like you do.
for bringing me to the place i always wanted to be....uncharted peace.

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