Uncle Sunny

I don't know what they call him Sunny for~
There's nothing bright about what he did to me behind closed doors~
He know I was neglected, so he made my life hectic,
This 6 year wombs of abandonment, he kissed & licked it
Giving me candy, & saying he loved me,
Dang, I didn't know love was suppose to hurt me,
I was saving this until I got married,
At least thats what my adopted mom would tell me,
GOD wants you to keep your legs closed until you marry a man,
This my uncle right here, I can't marry this man-
Always thinking,
Lying on my back, hoping I'm dreaming just to find out its reality
I made reality resemble dreams to me - this thang aint real
I refuse to believe this is how love's suppose to feel~
"Love" is a happy feeling, something I feel deep down inside
Not this feeling that brings these shameful tears to my eyes
-Staring at this old man lying between my thighs,
Lubed up with Vaseline just to get the tip inside
He smiling but I have tears in my eyes, as I view the fire in his-
Something about it looks evil; more satanic, demonic,
Lost in thought, how ironic~
You never know what a person been through,
Praying for Peace over your mind & soul
if you had to experience an Uncle Sunny too!

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