UNCLEAN - A dedication to lives lost to COVID-19

To the mass, the situation is quite clear, As we have observed the people of China for the last umpteen years,
Dress in face mask at times matching
their gear.
It was apparent then as well apparent now, some food is not fit for consumption, passing it along to the unborn child.
Yes we can agree once upon a time
famine reach, the reaction one must eat, leading to lack of normality and a craving for meat.
However, this history should not be a repeat, the eating of the wild that even the wild wouldn't eat, things such as bat wings, spiders, and dog meat,
Diseases that make the CDC say what happened to me, respiratory malfunction,
now half of the country finds it hard to breathe.
All because some where unclean,
forgive them for the sake of survival,
yet guilty for taken survival to the extreme.
Your countrymen and market flourished following the worst,
but your diet granted bye a history of tyrants,
has placed the rest of the world under
a terrible curse.
Wash your hands, where your mask, keep your distance.
Trust no one, self-quarantine, help the afflicted.
This is what they mean when you awake to a bad dream,
I shook one hand yesterday,
today I tested positive

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This Poems Story

We all are experiencing the effects and difficulties Covid-19 is causing through out the globe. Unclean represents my thoughts on the origin and history of the virus Covid-19.